Halie Loren


Halie Loren is an international, award-winning jazz singer/songwriter. Raised in Alaska, this Oregon-based artist brings a fresh and original perspective to time-honored musical paths, channeling her innate understanding of connectedness across musical boundaries to forge bonds with diverse audiences in North America, Asia, and Europe. A lover of global cultures and music, her repertoire is a multi-lingual one, including songs in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Korean as well as her native English. She has released nine albums to-date, garnering several national and international awards as well as significant critical and chart success along the way, with her albums consistently charting at #1 in Billboard/Japan Jazz Charts, iTunes (Canada and Japan) and Amazon Music.  

Her recent digital release entitled Live at Cotton Club (September 2022) was recorded live at the Cotton Club in Tokyo during her 2015 tour in Japan, and has, until now — only been available in Japan, Korea, and several additional regions in Eastern Asia.  Halie is currently putting the final touches on her next recording to be released in 2023. It was recorded in the summer of 2022 in Montreal with a who’s who of that city’s top musicians.  Authenticity and connection have been essential roots of the artistic growth of Halie Loren and this next offering promises to deliver just that!

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